Celebrate All Year with Stained Glass!

Mr & Mrs Santa Stain Glass Panel

Mr & Mrs Santa Claus

Our families have enjoyed these...just festive! These Santa's are so appealing we wanted them to have more impact so the wreaths of holly (lt. & dk. green waterglass) & berry beads were added. Red waterglass & white iridized glass hat. Brass wire spectacles.

(Basic Santa & Ms. Santa designs by Dione Roberts, CKE Publications)

Glass Nutcracker Stain Glass Panel

Nutcracker, Standing Guard (18" w. x 26" h.)

Oak & bright colors frame this colorful Nutcracker. Flag, brass rod, epaulet & boot chains are attached to panel. Eyes are ground beads, belt buckle is etched flash glass.

(again, thank you Dione Roberts, CKE Publications, for this basic nutcracker design)

Christmas Snowman

Christmas Snowman

A cheerful, old fashioned Snowman of white iridized glass dons a festive muffler of red & green waterglass, and a marvelous (expensive glass but totally worth it in the right places!) top hat of translucent deep green metal flake glass. "Snow mounds" are textured white opaque. Clear seedy background accented with bevels & matching accent pieces. Actual small river rocks were used for the "buttons". Hand crafted oak frame complets this delightful 18" x 24" Holiday project.

St Patricks Panel

Paddy's Pot o' Gold

Celebrate your Irish heritage (real or imagined) with this colorful St. Patrick's Day project. Another "right place" for the marvelous (expensive but totally worth it!) translucent deep green metal flake glass for the hat. Green waterglass shamrock, textured "gold nuggets" & black textured "pot". Rainbow incorporates primary & secondary colors of waterglass. Clear seedy is an obvious favorite for backgrounds. 16" x 18".

Paddys Bouquet

Paddy's Bouquet in a Top Hat Planter

Ah, yes me laddies & lassies, yet another application of the green metal flake glass. This time heavy textured gold glass serves as the great contrasting hatband. Shamrocks are green/white wispy. Background the GWWK's standard-never-can-go-wrong Spectrum's clear seedy. Oak frame makes for about a 22" x 22" St. Patrick's Day display.

Patriotic Heart Panel

Patriotic Heart Suncatcher

Patriotism begins in the heart. Red & blue waterglass frame the center bevel. Approx. 8" x 8" (design by Delphi Glass)

Flag & Eagle Glass Panel

Flag & Eagle

This "Regal Eagle's" head is white iridized glass, throat & neck feathers are iridized streaky grey/silver. Stars are white opaque, red & blue waterglass with white wispy comprise the flag. Glass bird's eye textured streaky glass lend realism. When our front window lacks adornment we find that this Proud-to-be-an-American symbol suffices very well indeed. Panel with oak frame are approx. 18" x 14"

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