Mantle Clocks

Stain Glass & Wood Mantle or Desktop Clocks

Glass And Wood Deer Clock

Full Moon (clock face) reveals a lone deer in the forest.

Use of different textures of glass & glass deer eyes combine to depict one of Nature's most appealing images. "Framed" with figured maple & dk. walnut inserts. Base is hand finished solid dk. walnut.

(Basic deer design by Carolyn Kyle, CKE Publications)

Solid Wood Mantel Clock

Beautifully Figured Maple Desktop or Mantel Clock

Created from a solid block of wood. This clock makes a subtle & simple statement in its lines yet never fails to draw the attention of visitors to our home. Larry's woodworking talent shines through this piece. Measures 15" h x 8" w

Wooden Mantle Clock With Mirror

Wooden Mantle with Glass Mirror Background

This clock is made from a solid block of figured maple on a base of the same. The mirror background in the pendulum compartment creates a very unusual visual effect. As shown, approx. 18" tall.

Variety of Glass Mantle Clocks

Glass Mantles on Wood Bases

Can be made in a size suitable for any placement! The largest (12" w x 7" h) perfect for a mantle. The medium ( ) great for your home or office desk. The smallest (4" w x 2" h) , shown on mini-ball feet, no wood base can be a most unique surprising gift. Can also be added to a pen/pencil desk set base.

Wooden Mantle Clock With Schooner Pic

Show your love of the Nautical

Black walnut clock cabinet with hand carved "rope" detail sits on a base of black walnut with meticulously inlaid ebony strips. All of which frames an etched glass faced clock. Schooner is simply a picture retrieved from a garage sale. Be creative! 12 1/4" w x 9 3/4" h x 3 1/2" d

Large Stain Glass Mantle Clock

Beautiful harmony between glass & wood! Armstrong brick colored glass. Natural Padouk wooden base with a light hand rubbed finish . Handsome by anyone's standard... (approx. 12" w. x 7" h. )

Stain Glass Mantle Clock with Lignum Vitae Base

Glass Mantle, Wood Base of Lignum Vitae

Created with option of serving as nightlamp;

has interior lamp with on/off switch.

approx. 12" w. x 7" h.

Mixed Media Glass and Wood Clock

Stain Glass & Wood Mantle Clock

This picture is so unjust to the awesome beauty of the lt. maple accentuating the

richness of the burled maple details! Also, unseen is the burl that continues on the sides.

Armstrong glass front panel; Spectrum "Silvercoat" (mirror) back panel.

As shown, measures: approx. 16 1/2" h. x 10 1/2" w.

Glass And Wood Cathedral Clock

16 in. Cathedral Clock

of multiple glass types sits on complementary base of figured maple. Features

seedy glass pendulum panel & Spectrum's "Silvercoat" (mirror) gold behind pendulum.

Base is 9" w. x 3 1/2" d.

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