A Glimpse of the Multifariousness of GWWK's

Mt. Rainier at Sunrise Stain Glass Panels

A View of Mt. Rainier at Sunrise

Much deliberation was made before deciding on the Mt. Rainier view seen through high tree limbs that can be imagined outside windows, if they actually existed. The room's east side displays the mountain at sunrise. The panels are set into alcoves designed for stained glass pieces. Backlit for evening enjoyment. (GWWK's original design, inspired by Nature, as usual...)

Mt. Rainier at Sunset Stain Glass Panels

A View of Mt. Rainier at Sunset

Same panels as above using different glass to give a visual of the mountain at sunset. Both sets of panels have back lighting with the on/off option. Each panel measures 13"w x 31"h. Oak frames & "window sills" complete the illusion. (GWWK's original design, inspired by Nature, as usual...)

Handmade Wooden Jewelry

Hand carved Wood Jewelry

Larry just playing around with different designs & woods. He's created some of my favorite things, especially the heart shaped hair accessory & matching earrings. He's also ventured into fusing glass to create many unique hair barretts. (We'll show you those later...)

Stain Glass Owl in a Light Box

Screech Owl Peeking Out of His Barn Home

The light box (on/off switch) is created using old barn wood. Armstrong glass was used for the owl & of course true-to-life owl glass eyes. Overall dimensions: 16" x 16" x 3"d.

Interwoven Wood Framed Mirror

Interwoven Wooden Mirror Frame

Larry & his geometrics. This time he decided to frame a mirror we salvaged from a yard sale. The overall design measures 24" x 24".

Stain Glass Nautical Mirror

Life Buoy Mirror

For the Nautical set. Again, Larry does his thing using a mirror that had been gathering dust (as does everything with a glass & wood shop in the house, even with air cleaners!) Anyway, this 16" creation uses Spectrum flat white opaque glass, textured red bands, white nylon rope laces through brass rings, and brass came.

Nested Wooden Boxes

Nested Boxes made from Single Block of Wood

Larry's creativity & never-ending quest to challenge himself led to this beautiful set of nested boxes. If you look you can see the grain of the wood that carries throughout both boxes. Tops are attached with small brass hinges. He does these things when I'm not around. He never ceases to surprise me!

Wood Inlaid Sailboat Picture Frame

Inlaid Sailboat Frame

Inspired by a painting hanging in Larry's parent's home, Larry decided to try his hand(s) at inlaying, resulting in the carefully crafted frame, using oak, maple, & walnut. The sailboats consist of 4 separate pcs., meticulously cut & pieced into the walnut corner squares. (picture is another yard sale find)

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