Stain Glass Dragon Panel

Fire breathing Dragon with life-like glass reptilian eye.

Handmade, hand rubbed frame of solid oak w/walnut insets. Textured Uruboros & wispy Spectrum glass create the dramatic effects of this impressive piece.

26" dia. (dragon design inspired by Lla Press of Glass Eye)

Stain Glass Cats in a Bay Window

Cats in a Bay Window

A personal favorite of mine. 2 cats casually silhouetted in a bay window against a magnificent Mt. Rainier view. An awesome piece of Armstrong glass was used for the beautiful morning sky. Yes, it's 2 dimensional. 24" x 24".

Stain Glass Purple Teddy in Wood Inlaid Frame

Purple Teddy with Inlaid Frame

Uniquely designed & intricately hand crafted oak frame w/inlaid purple heart & walnut. Border of bevels & accent pcs. frame the clear dbl. glue chip background. Teddy is purple waterglass with blue iridized pants. Eyes are sweet little black beads. Weighs in at "a perfect for any window" at 14" x 16".

Wood Framed Stain Glass Celtic Shutters

Celtic Shutters

Stain Glass Cornucopia

Autumn's Bountiful Cornucopia

One of our 1st pcs., still goes in the kitchen window every Nov. 1st. Maize & white wispy background, amber/brown/white wispy "Horn o' Plenty", Uroboros fall leaves, & asst. textured, opaques & wispy glass fruits & veggies. 1 1/2" oak frame completes this 25" w x 21" h panel. (basic cornucopia design complements of Delphi Glass.)

Stain Glass Kokopelli

Kokopelli - 15" x 18" with Larry's beautiful oak & walnut frame.

Kokopelli, who has a long history among Native Americans, has been adopted as a broader symbol of the Southwestern United States as a whole. A bicycle trail between Grand Junction, Colorado, and Moab, Utah, is now known as the Kokopelli Trail. The fun thing for me in creating this specific piece is that, other than his flesh toned "skin" & the background of seedy glass, all the rest is from a single 2' x 2' sheet of Uruboros glass we found at Big M in Tacoma. Just Perfect!

Stain Glass Hearts & Roses

Hearts & Roses

Thoughtful & loving panel of opaque pink, red translucent and green waterglass. The background is clear double gluechip with clear bevels creating the framework. We display this panel in our front window on Valentines' Day & Mothers' Day. As shown, measures approx. 16" x 20".

Stain Glass Roosters

Roosters - Wonderful in any size, these are a tiny 5" x 7"

Designed for a kitchen cupboard. Gives credence to our practice of not discarding any pc. of glass (except mere shards). Small pcs. can frequently be used in unexpected places.

Stain Glass Window Panel

Love Birds Window Panel

Some wonderful textures & dramatic wispies comprise this 15" x 18" window panel. Designed as an interior window. Framed in its window box, measures 24" x 21".

Stain Glass Iris in a Basket

Irises in a Basket

Irises are premium textured glass, basket reflective of much sought after collector baskets. Bevels, accent glass, Spectrum's clear seedy, & the 2" oak frame complete this 16" x 24" panel.

Stain Glass Easter Lily in a Heart

Easter Lily in a Heart

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