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Patterns for Stain Glass, Mosaic or Intarsia

Canary Color Canary


Canary - This bird is a very simple pattern, as you can see we enhanced it with a wire cage.

Cats In Window Color Cats In Window


Cats In A Bay Window with Mt Rainer -

This is a somewhat elaborate pattern with the mountain in the background. It would also be an attractive piece if the background were a forest or flower garden.

Hearts and Roses Hearts and Roses


Hearts and Roses -

This panel calls for a frame, we added bevels to the pattern, using color in the border could change its overall appearance

Kokopelli Color Kokopelli


Kokopelli -

This pattern we created is a simple suncatcher but with the extensive background and turning it into an oval make for a very impressive art piece, We even went so far as adding a raised inlay wood frame.

Old Fashion Snowman Color Old Fashion Snowman


Old Fashion Snowman -

This guy is much more involved than an untrained eye would notice. He has stones embedded in the main portion. To achieve this you would need to use a separating ring saw. If one of these is unavailable you would have to place lead lines across the body.

Pattern Adjustment

There 3 methods I can think of to increase or decrease the size of a pattern:

      1) Using a digital version of the pattern use one of many available graphics programs to enlarge or decrease the size.

      2) Use an overhead projector and trace the pattern to a larger or smaller version.

      3) Use a copier with the enlarge or decrease size function.

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