Assorted Handmade Ink Pens and Bases

Mom's Ink Pen Set

Pen Set for Mom

Beautiful, exotic pick ivory pen & pencil desk set. The tips, end caps, center bands & clips (which in this case are crosses) are all 14k gold, bearing a lifetime guarantee. All our pen/pencil mechanisms are the "Cross" twist style. We placed one of our Mini-Mantle Clocks on the base of purple heart wood.

Pink Ivory Ink Pen

Pink Ivory Pen

Another example of the exquisite Pink Ivory Wood. This wood can range from soft pinks to a deep watermelon color, as seen here. We use no calipers or other devices when turning our pens/pencils, simply "by the eye" and what appears to be a balance of sorts between the 2 or 4 pcs. This is one of the more popular "Comfort" designs, which is a bit thicker in the hand, vs. a Slimline.

Music Themed Ink Pen Set

Jase's Music Pen Set

Uniquely masculine desk set! Pen & pencil are of Oregon Myrtle Wood...gorgeous wood!! Integrated the music treble clip for a true music lover. Illegible in photo, but a brass name plate is attached to the base which is a chunk of wood with some of the tree's bark left intact. We liked the raw look for this young man.

Wood Quilt Ink Pen

Quilt Pen

We try our best to never throw anything away. This pen is a glue up of various scrap wood pieces...the "ultimate recycle pen"?? The shape & design? We'll just admit to some experimentation. That happens frequently in our shop.

Basketball Themed Ink Pen Set

Basketball Pen Set

Wooden Novelty Ink Pen

Novelty Pen "Unique shapes are very Popular"

Navy Themed Ink Pen Set

Navy Pen Set

Ink Pen Sample Case

Sample Case

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