Assorted Suncatchers

Rose in a Heart Stain Glass Suncatcher

Rose in a Heart

Rose is Spectrum red waterglass. Background is Armstrong iridized. Approx. 8" w x 7" h.

Stain Glass Leaf Collection

Fall Leaf Collection

Taking advantage of the gorgeous blended colors & textures of Uroboros glass creates this amazing Autumn display that only Mother Nature does better. Can be hung individually, grouped around a pumpkin, or incorporated into other designs, as in our Cornucopia panel.

Stain Glass Valentine Style Heart

Delicate Rose Bud within a Heart

Background is clear Spectrum rough rolled, which (ironically) adds to the soft femininity of this suncatcher. Shown in am

Stain Glass Teddies

Lil' Boy Teddy & Lil' Girl Teddy

Teddies are of pale yellow, lightly textured glass, appearing soft & cuddly. Eyes are small black glass beads. We've given these little 8" cuties to friends for their new arrivals. Remember no-lead solder if health concerns exist.

Stain Glass Red and Yellow Leaf

Single Autumn Maple Leaf

A nice example of the uniqueness of a piece of Uroboros glass. Antique brass patina finishes the look of Fall.

As shown, life-like leaf is approx. 5" h. x 4 1/2" w.

Dolly Heart Stain Glass Suncatcher

Dolly Heart, an 8" Tribute to some wonderful people (you know who you are...).

God made some people set apart, who think, love & live, not by the mind, but by the heart. Not some of the time, but always, thoughtfulness fills their nights & their days.

If you're blessed, as I have been, be grateful for these God-sent Friends. Be grateful that these Dolly-Hearts choose your life to be a part.

Precious little one with a huge heart opens her arms to all. Textured glass pajamas & mittens. Eyes are created with foil & solder.

Boy Dolly Heart Stain Glass Suncatcher

Lil' Boy Dolly Heart - Expresses same sentiment as above, but for those loving, giving ones of the male gender.

Impossible Triangle Stain Glass Suncatcher

Impossible Triangle

Ah, the simple design that grew into a wall clock & then grew up to be a lampshade. Shown here in a Spectrum we find fits well into many of our projects. 7" x 6".

Beveled Roses Stain Glass Suncatcher

Bevel Framed Roses

Yellow opaque roses set into soft green textured glass. Bevels lend a clean, crips border within the brass came frames. 12" x 12".

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