Suncatchers 2

Sights of Spring & Adoration

lily Stain Glass Suncatcher

Lily & Buds

Spectrum iridized glass, flower & buds. Rich aqua & green waterglass background & accents offset by bevels. 14" x 14". (original GWWK's design)

Cardinal Stain Glass Suncatcher

Cardinal - State bird of IL, IN, KY, NC, OH, VA & WVA

Brilliant red waterglass body w/black opaque, red rough rolled crest, orange beak. Brass wire feet& streaky brown textured limb. Approx. 6" h. x 8" w.

Blue Bird Stain Glass Suncatcher

Blue Jay

State bird of IN, MO, NV & NY. His breast, face & throat are white opaque, blue/white wispy feathers, blue baroque in the topknot & the beak is black baroque (not showing well in pic). Little wire feet hold his perch on a streaky, textured brown branch. 6" x 8"

Mother Angel Stain Glass Suncatcher

Mother's Angel, Praying Angel

Iridized glass was used for all but skin & hair. Came edging with chain hanger. 14" h x 9" w.

Another Blue Bird Stain Glass Suncatcher

Mockingbird - State bird of FL, MA, TN, & TX

Brass came encircles this open design. Bird is beautifully colored Armstrong art glass, leaves are one of my favorites, SPE 422.1w, tree limb is textured * cloud is wisp. The rest is open to whatever is outside the window in which it hangs. 9"

Volleyball Angel Stain Glass Suncatcher

Ms. Em's Volleyball Angel

Even Angels play Volleyball. This one's wearing her h. s. school colors & her player number, "12". Note the small metal number beads on her halo. Em's now in college, maybe time for uniform change. Note: A basketball or soccer ball could replace the volleyball. 13" x 9" h.

Boy Angel Stain Glass Suncatcher

Boy Angel

Notice the Baseball Cap. A side shot will be included soon so you can see the cap's bill, made with wire, copper foil & solder.

Canary In A Cage Stain Glass Suncatcher

Pet Canary

Loved, safe & secure in his "gilded" cage of hand-formed brass wire & rods. Life-like in size, the bird is of yellow & white wispy with antique brass patina. 9 1/2" h x 7" w.

Boy Angel Stain Glass Suncatcher

Boy Angel

This Angel has a guitar fob. Black waterglass shirt & denim colored cap.

Mockingbird in Brass Frame

Mockingbird in circular Brass Frame

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