Wall Clocks

Stain Glass Regulator Clock

Stain Glass Regulator Clock

Fashioned after school clocks of yore. Glass is wispy wood tones with

clear seedy over pendulum. As shown, 18" h.

Antique Reproduction Stain Glass Clock

Antique Reproduction with authentic chiming German clock works.

Maybe not true reproduction, but made to resemble one that's been in

our family for 45 yrs., after it hung elsewhere for who knows how long.

Hand carved detailing, rose vine side panels. Beveled glass clock bezel.

Front panel opens for time setting & key winding. About 2 ft tall.

Wood Framed Stain Glass Baseball Clock

Time to Play Ball!!

14" dia. clock framed with maple. Hand carved walnut numbers

at 12, 3, 6 & 9. Hand carved walnut mini bats mark the other hrs.

Opaque royal blue cap on solid white background.

Wooden Yoke Wall Clock

Yoke Clock

Uniquely shaped all wood clock reminiscent of old plow yokes.

All the wood is hand carved maple, including face bezel & pendulum bell.

Approx. 18" h. as shown.

Stain Glass Snowman Clock

Iridized Snowman with "Pocket Watch" Panel

Still cheery, in his red & blue waterglass muffler, black opaque mittens & top hat,

he tries to hang onto time as he appears to dangle his watch, which is actually

embedded into panel allowing access to clock back. Seedy background simulates

snow. Bevels, accents & oak frame complete this 18" w. x 24" h. panel.

Impossible Triangle Stain Glass Clock

Impossible Triangle Clock

Interesting "life" to this little 7"w x 6"h fella. Originally designed as a 2 dimensional

suncatcher (var. colors), became Christmas office gifts as 3 dimensional clocks (1"d),

to fitting 6 panels together forming the top of a lampshade (see Lamps & Bases section).

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